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No13 (2017)

CHANGE OR DIE? What if you were given that choice? CHANGE is HARD. YES, ABSOLUTELY. In 3S, we choose to change, even it’s hard.

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No12 (2017)

The second quarter of 2017 marks a giant milestone for 3S Intersoft JSC. It has been providing software development services for 5 years.

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No11 (2017)

Should I give up or should I keep chasing pavements?

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No10 (2016)

The last quarter always witnesses so many interesting events of the year, so many ex-3siers came back 3S HO and joined the party at the place that they considered their second home and will never ever forget.

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No9 (2016)

The first month of quarter III – July turned out to be very amazing to 3S members with 2 talkshows from special guests. Let’s guess who they are...

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No8 (2016)

It has been quite long since the last 3S newsletter was published. 3S beloved audiences must have been curious for what was going on during the quarter II. Let’s take a look back…

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No7 (2016)

3S started the New Year with so many opportunities and challenges. Let’s see what we have in the first quarter of 2016.

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No6 (2015)

The Fourth Quarter of 2015 passed through with so many activities and exciting events at 3S, along with important technology news.

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No5 (2015)

In the second quarter of 2015, our 3S witnessed so many remarkable events.

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No4 (2015)

Only in the first quarter of 2015, the technological area witnessed so many interesting events. Here is a recap of what happened in the first three months of the years.

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No3 (2014)

3S BREAKTHROUGH ACHIEVEMENT Persistently to expertise in NFC technology, all NFC related projects from Japan still got the highest priority in resource allocation at 3S (both quality and quantity).

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No2 (2013)

This is the second newsletter, which has been passionately done by the editor at late nights after extremely busy days at work with project sales & bids, translations, software designs, coding & unit test etc…

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No1 (2013)

3S InterSoft JSC is established in Jun 2012 by a group of 15 experienced PM & developers who were formally from FPT Software Ltd, one of the largest offshore development company.

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