No9 (2016)

Posted on Nov 28, 2016 at 09:33

The first month of quarter III – July turned out to be very amazing to 3S members with 2 talkshows from special guests.

Let’s guess who they are...


On 2nd July, Mr. Lan Luu brought 3S his second talkshow named "SOLID++: Agile practices of object-oriented programming and design" with the message “Are you ready to join the league of clean coders who build better programs and get higher paying jobs?".  This tech-talk provides a short, practical introduction about the most important ones of those mentioned principles that are encouraged by the top-experts in this industry and have been applied in countless projects by many professional developers around the world. The talkshow also had the participance of 2 speakers from 3S: Mr.Nam Vu, Mr.Hung Nguyen and so many developers from both inside and outside 3S. This also considered the most successful talkshow of 3S ever. Taking part in the talkshow, Mr.Chairman – Nghia Tran said: “SOLID++ is just a very first water drop, but we really hope to be back to the basic together.”

Talkshow SOLID++

In the morning of July 09, Ms. Khuat Thanh Thuy – a Vietnamese from US gave 3S members a big gift for her first visit - her talkshow “Half full or half empty”. After so many years living and working in amazing America, she experienced: “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”

Management Escape (ME) is organised yearly with the participance of 3S BOD and keys members. This year, ME was hold on 2nd July with the topic about recent issues and development orientation for 3S in the future. Understanding the importance of human power, BOD will give suitable wellfare for key members.

Among so many events being held in 3S office or some place around Hanoi, 3S members are always looking forward to summer holidays because it is one occasion to temperary put tasks, bugges, issues in one side for taking a relax, for enjoying together. This year, 3S chose Nha Trang for summer vacation. That was really an unforgetable memory.

YU - 3S' summer vacation

One of the most important events for 3S members this year was moving Head Office to a – 525 metre - beautiful new office in 3rd Floor Kim Anh Building – Duy Tan Street. Although it had a little regret with the old office in Detech Tower for 3 years working, we quickly felt good with new office because of the merger between HO and RDC here.

Opentalk between BOD and 3S members was a new culture this year. Any members can ask and share experience to each other then make 3Siers closer together.

In September 22nd, 3S and Adsol Nissin - one of potential customers of 3S signed cooperation contract. This marked a very important progress for both 3S and Adsol Nissin in cooperation and development.

In September 28, under the framework of 100RC, Da Nang Climate Change Coordination Office (CCCO) in collaboration with 3S Intersoft JSC organised a workshop to introduce the application of 3S Crisis Management System in establishment resilience strategy for Da Nang building.

100 Resilient Cities - Partnerships

In September 30th, 3S collaborated with a prestige medical facility in Hanoi to have a health examination for all company's members. Beside blood testing, ultra-sound of the internal organs to predict problems with kidneys, gallbladder, liver, stomach, and spleen, the examination also included CEA examination to early detect cancer. After receiving the examination results, doctors from the medical facility came to help 3S members know their health condition, and give them advices on appropriate diet, rest and work schedule.