No6 (2015)

Posted on Dec 24, 2015 at 16:49


The Fourth Quarter of 2015 passed through with so many activities and exciting events at 3S, along with important technology news. 

Br.SE NewDongDu Training Program is successfully launched with so many advantages for developers to build their bright career in Japan.


On December 17, 2015, S-Day 2015, an annual event gathered more than 40 students from FPT University (FU) and Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology (PTIT). At the event, students had a chance to visit 2 sites, HO and RDC, and listened to a talk by the Board of Manager and the FU & PTIT alumni that are currently working at 3S. After that, they were participated variety of fun games with so many interesting gifts. And the most special thing was 8 students who participated the event become 3S members right after the interview in the afternoon of that day.

In this December, 3S organized a recruitment at Hanoi University of Industry with over 100 participants. Through S-Day and many recruitment programs, 3S hopes to welcome more talented students to work and intern here.

In October, 2015, 3S collaborated with a prestige medical facility in Hanoi to have a health examination for all company's members. Beside blood testing, the examination also included ultra-sound of the internal organs to predict problems with kidneys, gallbladder, liver, stomach, and spleen. After receiving the examination results, doctors from the medical facility came to help 3S members know their health condition, and give them advices on appropriate diet, rest and work schedule.

The 3S Creative Programing Contest 2015 was organized at 3S for the first time with the aim to create a fair gameplay for every member that is interested in programing, research and new technology. All products of the contest will help to increase productivity and improve quality. The winner team will receive a pink IPHONE 6S 16GB for the prize.


2015 is considered a boost for the e-commerce revolution. Many companies have invested intelligently, from delivering, payment to supplying, however, the number of big companies that have to withdrew are not small, because of the harsh competition and many reasons that only people inside the field would understand. Three big e-commerce companies in Vietnam have dropped out of the competition this few last month of 2015. faded away in the midst of the chaos of "death" in many e-commerce companies, started with the heart breaking news from - an e-commerce Website by Project Lana, and followed by Foodpanda by Rocket Internet. 

Significantly, the leaving of Beyeu became a controversial topic since the message she left behind was quite "hurtful" to her e-commerce "friends". The message was: "Ecommerce requires lots of money. Many companies will decide to stop burning. Good luck to the rest of you who are still trying". In other word, e-commerce is an industry that needs a lot of money, and many companies just could not keep up with the cost of operation. 

The CEO of Google, Mr Sundar Pichai is a very influential person on Vietnam's technological community. He secretly visited Hanoi on December 22, 2015 to share his knowledge to the young startup and programmers in Vietnam. In the meeting, Mr Sundar Picahi shared his advices to the community about what to do before developing the product and how to compete on an international scale. At the end, Sundar Pichai appeared to be ordinary, drinking iced tea with Nguyen Ha Dong- the founder of FlappyBird.