No4 (2015)

Posted on Jan 30, 2015 at 11:20

Only in the first quarter of 2015, the technological area witnessed so many interesting events. Here is a recap of what happened in the first three months of the years.

3S News

In the 1st quarter 2015, there are 73 members working in 3S and it is scheduled to increase in both number and quality in the next quarters. Currently, the 3S’s major customers and strategy partners are from Japanese market (67%), Hong Kong market (26%) and 7% from other countries such as US, UK, EU and Vietnam.

3S officially establishes R&D team with the desire to become such an IT Vietnamese company not only outsourcing but also creating our own “Made in Vietnam” strategic and innovative products. At present, with the developing “Crisis Management” system for Business; “” for Mobile Business… 3S’s R&D team is gradually proving our value and right destination in the future software industry of Vietnam.

Vietnam ICT News round-up

On the evening of 13 March 2015, a network security website notified of a hacker group, named DIE Group, which attacked and exploited insecurities of web page This group also openly publishes personal information such as names, addresses, and phone numbers of more than 50.000 VNPT’s customers. This has been marked as a serious security incident since the beginning of the year. It rings a waking warning about the securities and confidentiality of information on websites in Vietnam.


WeAreSocial report showed that as of March 2015, 45% of Vietnamese people registered to use the Internet, an estimate of 41 million users. 30 million were social networking sites users and 26 million used mobile networks. According to statistics, Vietnamese people spend over 5 hours per day on the Internet for computer users and 3 hours for mobile ones. Most of the time is spend on social networking sites. The total average amount of time a Vietnamese user logs in social networking sites is 2 hours..




International ICT News round-up

CeBIT 2015 – the world's leading computer expo and conference for IT professional users held from 16th – 20th March 2015 in Hanover, Germany – is the most impressive event in the 1st quarter 2015. CeBIT has the attendance of 210.000 visitors (including more than 2.000 CEOs) from 110 countries all over the world with the investment estimated up to 25 Billion Euros. Taking part in this event, Mr Nghia Tran – Chairman of 3S Intersoft JSC – brings the strategy product named “Crisis Management”. At CeBIT, 3S’s “Crisis Management” reaches the top 350 creative and high innovative products. CeBIT 2015 recorded an increase in visitors around 6% over 2014, one in 3 visitors is a top manager. Moreover, CeBIT Global Conferences attract 200 speakers around the world, including such iconic IT personalities as Jeremy Rifkin and Edward Snowden. CeBIT 2015 brings 3S not only opportunities but also challenges to internationalize our products to the world.

Recently, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a shock post on facebook just before’s F8 presentation. The post states that he has successfully completed the first test flight for Aquila- the unmanned flying aircraft designed by Facebook’s nonprofit arm that beams “Internet access down to people from the sky”. According to Zuckerberg, the final version of the drone will have a “wingspan greater than a Boeing 737 but will weigh less than a car.” Each drone will be solar-powered and could hover for months at a time at altitudes of more than 60,000 feet in the air.

(Source: Facebook)


Did you know?


The lead theme at CeBIT 2015, d!conomy, spotlighted the rapid digitalization of all segments of the economy and society". With crisis management system, ‪#‎3S‬ is contributing a small pulse into this wave around the world.

Into the Internet of Thing” (IoT) and Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) is becoming the trend and real platform for international start-up companies at CeBIT2015. For details: