No3 (2014)

Posted on Oct 30, 2014 at 10:34


Editor's note: It has been a while since the last 3S newsletter was published. Editor-in-Chief feels really regretable for this with no reasonable causes other than the unstable psychology while being too busy at work.


Persistently to expertise in NFC technology, all NFC related projects from Japan still got the highest priority in resource allocation at 3S (both quality and quantity). Recently, on of the biggest mobile carrier in Japan has successfully deploy its new NFC value-added services. This is the result of the solution developed by the cooperation between 3S and its partners over the last 2 years.

For the coming years, promoting services to the "Cloud" is considered one of the biggest ICT trend worldwide. Not quite far from it, 3S has been gradually gained the trust from client to participate in development of office service cloud on mobile platform (namely CPO: Cloud Portal Office). The pilots at 3S have been positively and highly appreciated, opening new opportunities for further expertise this new technology.

The year 2014 has been another big mark for 3S in term of human resource growth at 80%. At the moment, more than 70 "3S cuders" spend days and nights to do research and development services and products at 3S, looking for a happy, briliant future.


Vietnam - ASOCIO Summit 2014, the yearly flagship event of ASOCIO, is held from 28th-31th October 2014 at Marriot JW Hanoi, Vietnam with the theme: "ICT - The New Paradigm in Social, Economic Development and Agriculture Restructuring". The Summit is expected to have participation of 700 high-profiled professionals including chairmen, CEOs, senior leaders of businesses in Vietnam and Asian - Oceania regions. Special guests of the Summit are H.E. Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung, Prime Minister of Vietnam, H.E. Mr. Yukio Hatoyama, Former Prime Minister of Japan.

This is a chance for ICT leaders to share the new vision and to take the lead in new development tendencies on competitiveness enhancement based on IT and telecommunication. The important topics will be covered are "ICT in Agriculture Transformation", "ICT Enables Public Service Efficiency" and "S.M.A.C - New Technology Platform for Smart Business".

On this occasion, Vietnamese ICT enterprises also had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to listen to the speech of the former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama sharing Japan's vision and experiences, to meet and discuss with prime leaders as well as top rated experts in the symposia.




After the the rapid growth period, 3S now spends more time and efforts on the quality of services. The selection of high qualified human resources for sustainable growth becomes the main mission of the whole companyin this last 3 month of 2014.

Project-wise, the current mobile opportunities from the US market greatly reduced while the same jobs increased significantly in Japan market. As the size of the projects in Japan market also increase, there are more and more requests to send 3S members to onsite in Japan in short-term (team of 2 -3 members for 1-2 months). The onsite reuqests continues coming to 3S. The previous projects for Singapore market proves a great results after go-live so that 3S continues to receive more related projects in this area. Sitecore also continue to be on of the key enabler for 3S team in the English speaking market.

In 10 months of 2014, 3S coders implemented 1.258.213 lines of code. Being compared to that of the same 10 months of 2013, it has been a remarkable workload growth rate by nearly 110% . Steps by steps, 3S coders have been creating and contributing higher added value toward society.



WordBank provide finance budget to Vietnamese Enterprisesvia a project managed by the Ministrry of Science and Technology with total value of 110 million USD in 60 months from 23/10/2013 to 30/06/2019.

The long term objective of the Fostering Innovation through Science, Research and Technology Project (FIRST) is to support higher productivity, competitiveness, and quality of Vietnam's economic growth through improving scientific research performance, developing and applying technologies, and promoting innovation in enterprises with a view to increase the added value of domestic economy.


In early October 2014, the most prominent ICT news to the mass is the operation halt of the social network Haivl followed by a decision of the Vietnam government.

Right after the "shocking deal" of Haivl to the last week at around 1.5 million USD, the social network Haivl was fined for approximately 10,000 USD of illegal activity against Vietnamese electronic information regulation and permanently withdraw of its license. Haivl is ceased to operate immediately and the site administrator Vo Thanh Quang was summoned to the Police for the offence. Quang explained that he was not longer manage the network as it was transferred to the 24H company.

Following this incident, ICT media also noted quite a few EC sites being fined by the regulator. The Vietnam Ministry of Information and Communications aslo issue new regulations related to the EC sites which are in the waiting list for licensing.