No2 (2013)

Posted on Jun 30, 2013 at 11:07


This is the second newsletter, which has been passionately done by the editor at late nights after extremely busy days at work with project sales & bids, translations, software designs, coding & unit test etc…
Hope you will enjoy it! 

3S Breakthrough achievement

After a lot of hard workT, 3S has been able to not only developsoftware on smartphone equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, but also form a great relationship with a Japanese strategic partner to create a smart advertisement product called Smart Poster ( This is a total solution that provides companies and users with a new experience on NFC technology, contributing to the promotion of NFC technology, and tightening its integration into actual business. Smart Poster system is now still in the pilot phase and available in 3 languages – Japanese, English, and Vietnamese.

3S has also made a bold decision to have more comprehensive cooperation with a strategic partner in Hong Kong, paving the way for providing software development services in such a tough and demanding market. On June 20th 2013, just about the same day of the first anniversary of 3S, our representative office was officially established at 1202 Tak Fung Center Tower 2, 168 Texaco Road, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong. 

3S’s project news round-up 

While the President was occupied by his business trip in Hong Kong, looking for work opportunities and establishing the representative office there, the whole company was idling a full month of June. July and August comes to 3S with plenty of good news, especially, big projects start streaming from Hong Kong. Additionally, there are several signs that promise a strong growth towards the end of the year. Thus, 3S has been proactively engaged in recruiting activities just in time with graduations of some ICT colleges. 3S determines to strengthen its human resources with excellent, dynamic, young members.

In the first 6 months of 2013, 3S coders implemented 362,042 lines of code. Being compared to that of the last 6 months of 2012, it has been a remarkable workload growth rate by nearly 77% . Steps by steps, 3S coders have been creating and contributing higher added value toward society.

Vietnam ICT news round-up 

Organized from 20 - 21 June 2013 in Hanoi, the Vietnam ICT Summit 2013 was honored by the former Japanese Prime Minister - Mr. Yukio Hatoyama as its distinguished speaker.

With the theme "ICT - The new Paradigm Shift of Development towards Comprehensive Enhancement of National Competitiveness", the ITC Summit 2013 is a chance for ICT leaders to share the new vision and to take the lead in new development tendencies on competitiveness enhancement based on IT and telecommunication. On this occasion, Vietnamese ICT enterprises also had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to listen to the speech of the former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama sharing Japan’s vision and experiences, to meet and discuss with prime leaders as well as top rated experts in the symposia.


In July, Vietnamese Prime Minister signed the Decision No.1403/QĐ-TTg approving Vietnam’s Industrialization Strategy within the framework of Vietnam – Japan Cooperation towards 2020 and vision of 2030. This Strategy shows the remarkable development orientation of 6 prioritized industrial domains including:

Electronics; Agricultural machinery; Agricultural and Fishery food processing; Shipbuilding; Environment and Energy saving; Automobile & its component production The purpose is to help these major domains of the Vietnamese economy to have high added value as well as to improve international competitiveness.

Therefore, targets by 2020 would be as follow:

- Prioritized domains to take the lead in applying high technology, environment-friendly technology, adapting to the actual economic condition of Vietnam.

- Production value of prioritized domains to attain the annual growth rate of at least 20% and contribute at least 35% to the total production value of the whole country industry.

- Growth rate of labor productivity in prioritized domains to rank in the country top 10.

- By 2030, these domains should have mostly applied high technology, environment-friendly technology in tandem with the actual economic condition of Vietnam.



MIRIAM'S coffee located at the 1st floor of the same building with 3S office…


…has become the first business to be provided with an advertisement service by 3S called Smart Poster NFC.

MIRIAM’S is currently the only coffee brand in Vietnam with just one coffee-shop. The coffee quality here is highly appreciated (and rather expensive also) among coffee lovers. Nowadays, by equipped with advanced NFC technology, could MIRIAM’S become Vietnam’s No.1 high-tech coffee shop?

In addition to our mobile opportunities from our long-time US customers, 3S recently becomes busy with Umbraco projects ( from the new UK and US customers. Noticeably, we receive some big projects related to Sitecore technology ( from Singapore. From Japan, the traditional works related to CMS solution development come to a standstill while there are some positive signs (though small) in mobile iOS & Android application development. In term of revenue sharing, non-Japan projects elevate to a significant position while a big number of bids from Japan are queuing for approval.