No16 (2018)

Posted on Aug 01, 2018 at 15:34


Business ethics - Easy but hard, hard but easy!

These days in business, the abuse of trust for self-interest is not rare anymore. Some individuals, or groups, without any hesitation, act and behave unethically, and even develop a plan, for their own interest and their own business.

An unknown real estate broker confessed to Harvard Business Review that: “Today’s society is terrible. Everyone is ready to make a deal with a partner whom they have no trust in, as long as the deal is appropriate to their benefit. They warns their lawyer to be careful because this partner is not truthful and unreliable and the contract will be terminated immediately if there is anything bad happening. However, such deal is still on process.I have done business with some people I knew for sure that they were such jerks and I would definitely never talk to them if there is no business between us. Nevertheless, those contracts were excellent and I cooperated with them without hesitation.”

In the present market, the concept of truth and business ethics have been disguised due to self-interest. Many companies maintain the ethics for their branding image and business culture or just for the simple reason that the benefit is too small to break the ethics. 3S Intersoft JSC, as guided by the leader, always hold firm to the code of ethics and branding image in the eyes of our employees, customers and partners.


Acceptance into revenue decrease, but no concession to unethical individuals.

In the first quarter of 2018, 3S is on the rise with outstanding revenue and profit, increasing 5 times over the plan as well as big projects keep coming. If the rise maintained, the second quarter of 2018 would witness more and more success.

Nonetheless, 3S had to face a problem regarding to business code of ethics, which I will share with you if I have a chance. We had to stop contract with a 5-year customer and remaining members of that project were sacked for cooperating with the customer when their plan to steal the project and employees needed only one more step to succeed. At the moment, 3S is working with our lawyer to implement necessary legal processes in order to not only give them a lesson learnt about business ethics but also contribute to build a clean business environment in IT market generally in Vietnam.


Game-show: 3S Maze Runner 2018

On April 21 st , 2018, 3S Intersoft JSC members together joined a HOT gameshow named 3S Maze Runner, first held in 3S by 3S Youth Union. This gameshow attracted the participation of many members who were divided into 4 different groups. Due to being center of well-known attractions and delicious food, Hoan Kiem lake and Old Quarter area were chosen to be the location of this gameshow, where 4 groups had to overcome difficult but interesting challenges given by 3S organizer.

Beside improving teamwork and sporting spirit, 3S Maze Runner helped connect 3S members closer to each other and together explore unique cuisine of ancient Hanoi.

It is undeniable that this event left a remarkable memory in each member’s heart. 

We hope that 3S will hold more exciting and unique gameshow to bring more spiritual meals to 3Siers.


3S Summer Trip – Quy Nhon + Phu Yen

Summer Trip 2018 takes place at the same time as 6-year anniversary of 3S establishment. On this occasion, 3S Intersoft JSC organized a four-day-three-night trip to a beautiful land called Vietnam’s Maldives - Quy Nhon, and Phu Yen – a renowned place with yellow flowers on the ground of green grass, which was filmed in the movie.

Also in this summer trip, the Special Gala Dinner was held in June 20 th , 2018 to celebrate 3S’ 6-year birthday. Mr. CEO made his speech as an opening remark for the Gala Dinner. On behalf of 3S Intersoft, he would express his great gratitude to 3Siers and their families for joining the event and always standing by 3S during the past years.

Furthermore, Mr.CEO reminded us about the development path of 3S Intersoft, from very beginning days of establishment with only 8 members, then 20 members and at the present time, the total member in our company is more than 90. Taken from the lyric of the opening song of Gala Dinner, “naive” and “lucky” were the adjectives Mr. CEO used to describe his period of time working with and living with 3S, especially 3S members, during the past 6 years. He also affirmed that the company would develop with bigger orientation, bigger love and greater commitment in terms of both work and life; besides, human resource of 100 ~ 150 employees would be our target to hit.

“On behalf of 3S Founders, I would like to send my big thanks to everyone who have tried so hard. I believe we are on the right path and have been gain significant business and development successes. Each individual need to improve crucial skills for his job, occupy important positions in the company and from that, grow side by side with the company.

All 3Siers and their beloved families had truly memorable moments together. Obviously, 2018 summer trip would be an unforgettable time for all of us.

[3SOC] Talkshow When Agile, When Waterfall?

In accordance with the orientation to be a “Technology Company”, 3S always pay attention to improvement and training of technological knowledge. The very first effort is that 3S Tech Club has been established, encouraging members to join, share and broaden their horizons through technology-related interesting seminars and articles on 3S Tech Blog. In addition, 3S has invited experts in various technological fields to share their ideas with 3Siers.

On June 1 st , 2018, Mr. Pham Anh Doi, Director of Agile Academy and member of Agile Vietnam board of director, the honor guest of 3S, brought to 3S his know-how about a trendy topic – When Agile? When Waterfall?

The talkshow attracted many tech-aholics of 3S who willingly and enthusiastically made questions to the speaker.

We want to express big thanks to Mr. Pham Anh Doi for his fruitful sharings, which definitely helps 3Siers work more efficiently on their projects. We wish Agile Academy more and more success.

3S Creative Programming 2018

Based on a brand new format, fascinating awards and divided into 2 rounds including “Seed Funding” and “Product Gaining”, Creative Programming 2018 was intrigued to many of 3S members. However, only 02 teams qualified could go to the final round with 02 products named Smart Mirror and Redmine External Tool for Mobile.

It was such a big surprise that #bip team won the victory which brought them 15,000,000 VND by cash. Besides, Smart Mirror was excellent in Funding round and won 11,200,000 VND for Best Seed Funding award.

Congratulations to both teams and wish their applications will be soon deployed in 3S.



Shinhan and Zalo embed AI into Fintech.

Shinhan Financial Group signed a strategic cooperation contract with Zalo, a member of VNG Corporation, to research and embed artificial intelligence (AI) into the field of financial technology (Fintech).

Being one of the four leading financial groups in the Republic of Korea, Shinhan chose and highly appreciated Zalo in the AI aspect, believing that this strategic cooperation will offer customers a complete and modern utility service while boosting the development of the finance industry.

This cooperation between Shinhan and Zalo also demonstrates the great effort of introducing AI in daily life activities, providing users with tremendous benefits.

All research results will be first used to optimize Shinhan’s services on Zalo, including checking account balance and account information, conducting financial transactions via the digital interface of Shinhan on Zalo, which will be embedded with AI.

According to Mr. Vuong Quang Khai, Deputy General Director of VNG Corporation and manager of Zalo, his company will closely collaborate with Shinhan in the near future to achieve positive results as soon as possible.



A school scans classrooms every 30 seconds through facial recognition technology

A high school in China has made a facial recognition technology system that scans the student’s behavior in the classroom.

The facial recognition technology introduced in the school is recording facial expressions of all students while they are in their classrooms. The system scans the classroom every 30 seconds and recognizes seven different expressions such as neutral, happy, sad, disappointed, scared, angry and surprised.

The system is called as“Intelligent Classroom Behavior Management System” and it is being used at Hangzhou No. 11 High School. With scanning facial expressions the system has the ability to even analysis six types of behaviors by the students such as standing up, reading, writing, hand raising, listening to the teacher, and leaning on the desk.

The information regarding how the students are reacting and behaving in the class when a teacher teaches is later sent to teachers to more efficiently analyze the behavior of students. The system is also used to monitor attendance.

he system challenges the student’s privacy, however, the school thinks otherwise. Zhang Guanchao, the school’s Vice Principal said that the system only collects and analyzes the results of the facial recognition analysis and stores them in a local database rather than uploading it in a cloud. The system does not save the images in order to prevent unauthorized access to the data at all, the vice principal added. A student studying in Hangzhou school says,

“Previously when I had classes that I didn’t like very much, I would be lazy and maybe take naps on the desk or flick through other textbooks. But now I don’t dare be distracted after the cameras were installed in the classrooms. It’s like a pair of mystery eyes are constantly watching me.”

Looking at cameras being installed in schools in China, it is wake up call for schools in Pakistan. Since a system like this helps teachers rethink their teaching style using statistical data and mark class attendance in only a few seconds.



IT Outsourcing Hotspot: Vietnam, A Small But Mighty Powerhouse

India reigned for years as the world’s most dominant business process outsourcing (BPO) destination, but times have changed.

According to trade association Nasscom, the Indian BPO industry has just seen its largest employment drop in seven years, while its information technology (IT) sector saw its second year of increasing unemployment. As India adjusts to changing expectations and demand, new regions are emerging as powerful IT outsourcing hubs.

One such country, known as a small but mighty outsourcing powerhouse in the Asia-Pacific, is Vietnam. It’s a country few would think to equate with Silicon Valley but one with a tech spirit and talented population that reminds many of the industrious beginnings of America’s storied technology epicenter.

Challenges And Opportunities

Vietnam is a hub of business process outsourcing along with IT outsourcing. It’s an excellent complement for multinational corporations managing big datasets and looking for data cleansing ahead of software development. Based on my firsthand experience in this area, the sectors most frequently leveraging outsourced IT talent in Vietnam include technology, financial services, media, gaming, software integrators and businesses looking to cost-effectively explore emerging trends such as AI, machine learning and blockchain.

For most businesses, the main IT outsourcing challenge in Vietnam is adapting to having a skilled innovation team that sits 5,000 to 10,000 miles away. It’s an adjustment best overcome with training and communication. Training an offshore team in the same way an internal staff is trained sets a foundation for success, establishing common processes for collaborative work.

Success requires establishing smart communication protocols so that despite time and distance, teams are working fluidly and smartly together. The key is to use timezone differences to a productivity advantage. For example, instead of playing catch-up with the remote team, businesses should proactively plan workloads. The work a remote team does the night before should feed the local team the next day. That is the beauty of outsourcing to Asia-Pac for Western businesses: a near 24-hour cycle of productivity. The software development life cycle can fold effectively into this structure with offshore teams testing overnight what has been developed during the day.