No13 (2017)

Posted on Oct 17, 2017 at 17:53



What if you were given that choice?



In 3S, we choose to change, even it’s hard.


We are day by day initiating positive changes in our company.

The biggest change in quarter III is to appoint new CEO - Mr. Nghia Tran to executive all the activities of the company.

Working in IT industry for more than 20 years, including various international businesses in the UK, the US, Belgium and especially Japan, Mr. Nghia Tran has so many inspirational and innovative ideas which lead company to effective and productive changes such as Human Resource Management system and some other processes.

He always tells me that if we are not constantly reviewing every process we have, our business is likely not growing or improving. To encourage change, ingrain a culture of “Why?” in your team. Encourage members to question processes and reward them when they find ways to improve them.


Following are some other pieces of 3S News:

Amazing 3S Summer Vacation

From 27 July to 29 July, all 3S members experienced a summer vacation at Ha Long Bay. It brought a lot of first-hand experiences, extremely meaningful and promising to be an unforgettable trip for all of 3Siers and their family.
For the first time, 3Siers went together on a 5-star ship named Victoria Cruise.
For the first time, both 2 branches of 3S gathered with warm hugs, radiant smiles to get closer, connected and united.
For the first time, the 3-day-2-night trip was not only just a vacation but also a connecting trip, with the immortal spirit drawn from 3S's core values.
Coming back from this unforgettable trip, 3Siers would be more and more hard-working to deliver such projects with best quality to customers.



Mr. Nguyen Ba Tin gained PMP Certification.

Mr. Nguyen Ba Tin has more than 17 years experience in software field and 10 years in PM role. He joined 3S Intersoft JSC since the company’s establishment and now he is working as a Technical Solution Coordinator.

Mr. Tin has just pass the PMP exam, which is an international and professional designation recognized by the PMI, from the first time to take on 4 July, 2017.

Mr Tin also confessed that it was his pity to get this certificate so late, which he should have done 10 years ago. According to him, due to the advantage brought by the PMP, 3S members should learn it as soon as possible to better their career, especially who want to become a PM.

3S English classes comes back again.

Joining the company as CEO’s assistant in late September, Ms. Huyen Bui brings a fresh wind into 3S. She instructs 2 English classes named Ant and Bee for more than 20 members twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday. Hope that after several courses with Ms. Huyen Bui, 3S members could improve their English skills.


Vietnamese ride-hailing app launched in Da Nang

The Ulatech Joint Stock Company launched a car-hailing app for smartphones called “ULA” in the central city of Da Nang on October 14.

The app aims to help passengers book car services and drivers can easily seek customers.

This app is also expected to make it easier for Vietnamese people to search for entertainment centers, restaurants, hospitals and pharmacies.

To encourage Vietnamese people to use Vietnam-made products, the application costs Vietnamese drivers less than similar foreign applications. Vietnamese drivers can also use the application for free during a trial period.

Anyone with iOS or Android smartphones can download and use the ULA app for free.


Technology giants rush to market smart-city solutions.

Technology firms, both domestic and foreign, are preparing to launch security solutions amid the ‘smart city movement’ initiated among provinces and cities.

Mr. Vu Hai Nam, Chief Operation Officer of ThinkLABs Joint Stock Company located in Thanh Hoa City, said the company has prepared innovative technology solutions for smart cities with 3 first products: TELE HEALTHCARE, BTS INSPECTION, AIR QUALITY MONITORING and some other products and solutions relating to agriculture.

Foreign technology giants are also eyeing the Vietnamese market. Microsoft has introduced a solution on technology safety and national security being used in some cities including New York, Barcelona and New Delhi.

Pham Tran Anh from Microsoft Vietnam said the solution allows local authorities to monitor, anticipate and control IT crime which is getting increasingly sophisticated.

The service provider said that the solution would be easily integrated into existing systems in localities, which saves money for investment.

IBM and Cisco have also announced they have solutions suitable to the Vietnamese market.

Ngo Vi Dong from VNISA said that leasing security solutions or the investments under the Public Private Partnership mode are a reasonable choice for provinces and cities that want to develop smart cities in the context of limited budgets.

Nguyen Huy Dung from MIC said the ministry is going to release a set of standards on information safety which will help facilitate the operation of smart cities. The standards are built based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) ISO 27000 and SP 800 standards.




Google Launches Cloud Firestore NoSQL Document Database Optimized for App Development.

Google has launched Cloud Firestore, a fully managed, NoSQL document database that lets developers store, synchronize, and query data for their mobile apps, with offline support, at scale. 

According to Google, syncing data to the cloud is critical to developing a mobile or web app, but it is also difficult to do. Challenges for developers include setting up their own servers to host the data and make sure they're up and running 24 hours a day, and the need to make sure clients can deal with network issues and handle offline support. Moreover, if an app becomes an overnight success, there is also the need to handle unexpected surges in traffic without breaking down.

Cloud Firestore is a fully managed solution that's part of the Google Cloud Platform and, according to the company, it can grow to meet developers’ needs, no matter how large their app gets.

Announced today in a blog post by Alex Dufetel, product manager, Cloud Firestore, which is now available in beta, synchronizes data between devices in real-time. Its Android, iOS, and JavaScript SDKs sync app data quickly making it easier to build reactive apps, automatically sync data across devices, and build powerful collaborative features. It uses collections and documents to structure and query data and also allows for expressive queries. Queries scale with the size of a result set, not the size of your dataset, so there is consistent performance whether fetching 1 result from a set of 100, or 100,000,000.

Cloud Firestore also enables offline data access via an on-device database, enabling apps to function smoothly, even when users lose connectivity. This offline mode is available on Web, iOS and Android. Enabling serverless development, Cloud Firestore's client-side SDKs take care of the complex authentication and networking code developers normally need to write themselves and on the back end also provides a powerful set of security rules so you can control access to your data. Security rules allow developers to control which users can access which documents, and permit them to apply complex validation logic to their data as well. Combined, says Dufetel, these features allow the mobile app to connect directly to the database.

In addition, the Cloud Firestore integrates with the rest of the Firebase platform, allowing developers to configure cloud functions to run custom code whenever data is written, while SDKs automatically integrate with Firebase Authentication, to help them get started quickly.



Amazon offers cloud computing services in VN.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) officially set up a legal entity in Viet Nam to support its customers using the company’s products, an AWS representative said at a conference last week.

AWS is a subsidiary of Amazon -- the world’s largest e-commerce empire. However, AWS has a distinct leadership and operating structure from Amazon’s parent company.

AWS provides cloud-based infrastructure services based on Amazon’s back-end technology platform.

AWS currently offers over 90 cloud services, such as computing, hosting, content provisioning and database, as well as analysis, application services, management and deployment, along with networking, direct download of applications and desktop virtual machines, mobile services, artificial intelligence and business productivity. There are also other cloud services that allow customers to build their applications and services and run them on the AWS cloud platform.

Paul Chen, AWS’s head of solutions architect in ASEAN, said enterprises and application developers could use one or combine a number of cloud services, and just pay for what they actually use. In addition, customers may choose from a variety of operating systems and different programming languages to build their applications.

In Viet Nam, a number of businesses use AWS services, such as Tiki Corporation, Massan Group, Vietjet Aviation Joint Stock Company and VTV Go -- an online TV service of Viet Nam Television.

Globally, several big brands also use AWS services, including Samsung, Coca Cola, HTC, Vodafone and LG, as well as many financial institutions and other public services.