No10 (2016)

Posted on Feb 16, 2017 at 08:41


The last quarter always witnesses so many interesting events of the year such as: Vietnamese women’s day, Halloween, Christmas, and 3S never forgets to organise incredible parties for their employees. Especially on Halloween night, so many ex-3siers came back 3S HO and joined the party at the place that they considered their second home and will never ever forget.

On Nov 04, the talkshow “Technology trends update, IBM point of view” by the speaker - Mr. Le Nhan Tam, Cloud Advisor of IBM Cloud & IBM Vietnam was successfully held in 3S Head Office with the participation of more than 40 members both inside and outside 3S. In the talkshow, Mr. Le Nhan Tam said that Blockchain, cloud are some of the technologies that will shape the finance industry the most in the digital age and cognitive computing, or computer systems that can mimic the way the human brain works, will be the "ultimate way" and become more competitive in the future.

At the end of the talkshow, the speaker asked a question about application of IBM Watson for 3S. Mr. Manh Bui, a member of S3 Unit (Digital & Marketing Solution Unit) received a Reserve battery 2000mAh for the best idea. He not only presented the applying IBM Watson on camera system for tracking employees, but also gave good advice for BOD. The idea was highly appreciated by Mr. CEO and other members.

On December 17, 3S’s CEO and HR Manager took part in the Career Orientation Meeting for over 500 last year students in Falcuty of Information Technology, Hanoi University of Industry. Mr.CEO – Nguyen Hoai Nam gave them a lots of good advice and welcome talented students to come and intern at 3S. After the meeting, more than 100 students applied to 3S. HR Department worked so hard to select 30 best students and invited them to 3S Office for an interview. At the event, students had a chance to visit office and listened to a talk by the Board of Manager and the HAUI alumni that are currently working at 3S. After that, they were participated variety of fun games with so many interesting gifts. And the most special thing was 6 students who participated the event become 3S members right after the interview in the afternoon of that day.



Vietnam ICT News round-up

The Online Shopping Day of Vietnam (Online Friday) 2016 was held on December 2nd with the participation of more than 3,000 enterprises offering some 200,000 products. The Online Friday is expected to heighten awareness and speed up shopping activities of the community through e-commerce channels; creating opportunities for customers to access high-quality products with special preferential prices. The organizers said that total turnover during Online Friday 2016 was expected to hit about VND1 trillion, up VND400 billion against 2015. Last year, 2,300 enterprises joined the event with 63,000 products and services.

Ministry of Information and Communication has recently reported that total revenue of IT industry in 2016 was accounted for 939.444 billion VND. IT witnessed an increase of 10% to it in 2015 and reached 70% of the total revenue of all fields.



International ICT News round-up

The 2016 biggest cyberattack which causes major Internet platforms and services to be unavailable to large swathes of users in Europe and North America, took place on October 21. The victim was the servers of Dyn, a company that controls much of the internet’s domain name system (DNS) infrastructure.

According to Doug Madory, Director of Internet Analysis at Dyn, the attack appears to have relied on hundreds of thousands of internet-connected devices like cameras, baby monitors and home routers that have been infected — without their owners’ knowledge — with software that allows hackers to command them to flood a target with overwhelming traffic.

Although DdoS attack was quickly solved, and internet was back to America, it must become an important wake-up call for hardware and IoT industry.




Since the dawn of the computing era, scientists have been fascinated by the idea of artificial intelligence, and today that idea is becoming reality. Several companies, including IBM, Facebook, Google, Apple and Microsoft are investing in machine learning and or cognitive computing research. These systems function more like the human brain than traditional computer systems. They are able to understand natural language, to identify and categorize the content of images and video, and to make educated guesses and hypotheses in response to questions.

IBM demonstrated the capabilities of cognitive computing when its Watson system participated in -- and won -- the television game show Jeopardy. Today, only 1% of developers are embedding cognitive capabilities into their apps, but by 2018, more than half of developers will likely do so.