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3S International Software Joint-Stock Company (3S InterSoft JSC, is established in Jun 2012 by a group of 15 experienced PM & developers who were formally from FPT Software Ltd, one of the largest offshore development company. Leaning from vast experiences, 3S wants to contribute its unique value to the Software Outsourcing/Off-shoring Service industry in Vietnam, creating more choices for Customers to quickly find a reliable Vietnam partner for the development of their IT solutions.

Newsletter Mar - 2013

Editor notes: This is the first quarterly news letter that 3S would like to send to all customers, partners, friends and acquaintances in order to provide further information about 3S and selected Vietnam ICT highlights.

Vietnam ICT news in brief

Nation urged to make IT a spearhead industry

Transforming information technology into one of the national economy's spearhead industries will help Vietnam join the ranks of modern industrialised countries currently dominating the 21st century's knowledge based economy.

Deputy PM Hoang Trung Hai issued the encouragement in hi speech to an online conference on January 15, reviewing the implementation ò the 11th Party center committee's 4th Plenum's resolution

The Deputy PM emphasized the need to enhance the technical infrastructure servicing by software industries and IT services. He called for mobilizing both human and capital resources to establish local. IT zones that will help conquer the domestic market, develop export markets, and attract investment from the sector's international leaders.

(by VOV)

Project highlight

In the last 6 months of 2012 since start-up, 3S has been coding 205,192 Steps in 14 small projects. 8 of them are related to mobility including IOS and Android apps with GAE backend. The latest NFC technology (Near Field Communication) is one of the main subjects used in most mobile projects at 3S. 3S CEO will join the NFC & Smart World in Tokyo BigSight from 2013/03/05 ~ 03/08.

Tran Duc Nghia President

Working in Software Outsourcing Service Industry over 13 years, including various international business in UK, US, Belgium and especially Japan. He spent 2 years living in UK to work for customers like Discovery Channel and Harveynash, and another 2 years living in Osaka, Japan to establish sales office there for FPT. Before that, he hold multi-role and senior management positions in FPT.

Nguyen Hoai Nam, CEO - Vice President

Working in Software Outsourcing Service Industry over 12 years, focusing in Japanese market. He was trained in a Japanese government program (AOTS) for a year and spent another 2 years as Bridge SE for one of the largest DM company in Kyoto, Japan. Thus, he was playing PM role in many critical big software projects. In the last year before founding 3S, he was Managing Director for a FPT Subsidiary Company (FDM).

Nguyen Duy Tien, COO - Vice President

Working in Software Outsourcing Service Industry over 12 years in various positions. He was known in FPT for an excelent PM and Project Director for many big and critical projects. In the last 3 years, he was COO for a FPT Subsidiary Company (FDM) and supported Nghia and then Nam to well-accomplish the business plan.

Le Thi Hang, QA Director

Working in Software Outsourcing Service Industry over 12 years. She got deep knowledge in development and project quality assurance in multiple projects using multiple methodology. In the last 3 years, she is the division leader-cum-Project Manager for an offshore development center in a FPT Subsidiary Company (FDM), involving and development, enhancement and maintenance of the second biggest DM E-Commerce website in Japan.


Hoang Duc Thinh, Chief Accountant

Working in Software Outsourcing Service Industry over 5 years as accountant and financial controller in FPT. Specializing in accounting and financing, he is responsible of managing budget and capital investment of the company into project execution and company operation.

Do you know?

If printing out the source code that 3S developers wrote in the last 6 month of 2012, it will be approximately 5100 pages, equal to 8 volumes out of total 22 ones in the World Book Encyclopedia (2010) edition.


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